How to Add Image Choices in WordPress Forms Boost Engagement

How to Add Image Choices in WordPress Forms Boost Engagement

Are you looking to add image choices to your WordPress forms? Maybe for logo options, trying to make the forms more inclusive, or mainly to try to draw visual attention to your forms in general. In this video, we will show you how to add image choices in WordPress forms to help boost engagement.

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For this tutorial, we will be using WPForms and the pro version of the plugin can be purchased using the information above or downloaded in your plugins section. Now you can go under WPForms, Add New to start creating your new form.

Start with the form type you are looking to create and when the form is created you will be able to add the multiple choice field to your form. In the field settings, you will want to click the checkbox labeled "Use image choices" and your different choices will now have an Upload image box beneath each.

For most sites, we recommend using jpg or png images that are 250px by 250px or smaller. In the advanced options, you also have the option to randomize the choices to prevent the choices from appearing in the same locations for every user.

Once you have the form set up you would go into a post or page and click the + icon to select your block and we want to use the WPForms block. This will add a WPForms interface with a dropdown to select the form you want to display there.

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  1. Levani Mirvelashvili on June 26, 2020 at 4:12 am

    Hi. i deleted all my categories except default. Every post moved to default category.
    Now i want to add new cetegories to posts. But there are old categories which i deleted. in dashboard > posts> categories, there’s only default all others are gone but in post editor there are old categories. How can i delete them?

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