How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress 2 Ways

How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress 2 Ways

Do you want to display popular posts by views in WordPress? Displaying your popular posts can help you generate more traffic, keep visitors on your site longer, and build social proof. In this article, we'll show you how to display your popular posts by views in WordPress, both with and without a plugin.

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For our preferred method we will be using the MonsterInsights plugin which can be found on the link below:



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How to set up Google Analytics video:

With the MonsterInsights plugin installed, activated, and let up with your Google Analytics, you can go under Insights, Popular Posts and select the 'Popular Posts Widget' item in your menu to start customizing.

There are multiple styles and customizations available as well as the option in the theme preview to view the 'Wide' and 'Narrow' styles for the widget. Once the widget is styled how you would want it, in the embed options there are 4 different options you can use, the simplest method being 'Automatic Placement' to handle placing the posts for you.

There are also the options of using a block, shortcode, or adding a widget to your widgets area. For the block, you would want to go to the post or page and click the add block button and the block we are looking for is called 'Popular Posts' or 'Inline Popular Posts'. Once the block is added you can customize the specific block for this post or page if you would prefer different customizations over the defaults you set in the settings of the plugin.

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00:00 2 ways to display popular posts by views in WordPress
00:34 how to use MonsterInsights to display popular posts for WordPress
02:48 how to configure popular posts in MonsterInsights
03:25 how to add automatic placement of popular posts in WordPress
03:55 how to add a popular post widget to WordPress post or page
04:41 how to use code to add popular post area to WordPress

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