How to Do Basic Image Editing in WordPress (Crop, Rotate, Scale, Flip)

Did you know that you can do basic image editing in the WordPress admin area? This is helpful when you need to crop, rotate, scale, or flip images and you don’t have access to an image editor. In this video, we will show you how to do basic image editing in WordPress.

To start out, if you haven’t added an image to your site yet you can upload one under Media, Add New. Upload an image you want to modify and it should bring you back to your media library where you can click the image you want to be modified.

Beneath the image, you should find a button labeled Edit Image for you to click. This will bring you your attachment details up as well as the editing tools available. In the top right you will be able to resize the dimensions of the image to make it larger or smaller for your needs.

Now that your image is the proper size, the buttons above the image will allow you to rotate the image to a different orientation, flip the image vertically or horizontally, or crop a section of the image. Should you make a mistake there is also an undo and redo as the last two buttons in the top left of the editor.

If you plan on cropping the image, we would recommend scrolling down on the right-hand side of the attachment details where you can set the aspect ratio. Setting the ratio as 1:1 will keep your cropping area as a square.

Should you save your changes to the image but want to revert to the original you can go back into the image editor area, and beneath the scale image section on the right-hand side, there is a Restore Original Image area where if you click Restore image it will bring back your original image before you modified it.

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