Show Off Your Traveling Expertise as a CP Travel Ambassador

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Cruise Planners has an extensive network of seasoned, well-traveled advisors, and the CP Travel Ambassador Program is one way we show it off. From Antarctica to the Galapagos to the wilds of South Africa, Cruise Planners are the leading experts on land and cruise travel all around the world!

One of the perks of being a travel advisor, aside from being able to be your own boss, is the opportunity to see the world and to bring that knowledge back to others and share in that joy. 

Travel advisors become the “eyes and ears” of their clients when they travel, and they look to them for top excursions, destinations, and eateries. Clients count on you to have knowledge of destinations, and one of the best ways is to travel.

Here are a few of the CP Travel Ambassadors and their adventures abroad, all while exploring and working at the same time.

You do not have to believe in evolution to truly experience and enjoy the wonders of the Galapagos. Famed for its untouched beauty and natural habitat for animals and wildlife, the Galapagos is often referred to as a bucket list destination for many. CP Travel Ambassador Debra Thune and her husband Tony got a chance to explore the islands with Celebrity Cruises.

What Was Your Favorite Memory?

Absolutely everything! But, if I had to pick just one thing, then I would say swimming with penguins. I love penguins, and I was hoping to see just one. Not only did we see hundreds of penguins, but getting to swim with them was beyond a dream come true!

Image courtesy of Debra Thune, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner

Top Excursions and Landmarks and Sites to Visit:

  • Giant tortoises in the Highlands on Santa Cruz Island
  • Post Office Bay on Floreana Island 
  • All the snorkeling opportunities 
  • Penguins, cormorants, sea lions, and large marine iguanas all cohabitating together on the rocks in Punta Moreno

CP Travel Ambassador Claire Maguire has been to almost 100 countries, and Antarctica marked the 7th continent she’s visited, and the experience was unlike any other! Take a look at her epic adventure with Atlas Adventures this past spring and see why this is the new frontier that can’t be missed. 

What Was Your Favorite Memory?


Claire Maguire, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner, taking the polar plunge

Top Excursions and Landmarks and Sites to Visit:

Antarctica itself is one of the most serene, pristine, and exquisitely beautiful places on the planet. Peterman Island was just breathtaking – the view surrounded by mountains, the ship in the bay with the icebergs and penguins and seals everywhere. Absolutely a bucket list trip. My 7th continent, and after almost 100 countries visited, this topped the list of all.

Image courtesy of Claire Maguire, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner

Going to South Africa on a safari is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many people, and those who venture there leave inspired and in awe. Join CP Travel Ambassador Danielle Petty as she shares her incredible photos and insights on this nature-laden extravaganza. 

Image courtesy of Danielle Petty, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner

How Would You Describe the People and Culture of This Destination? Any Interesting Cultural Lessons?

The people were all so nice and sweet. Everyone went out of their way to take care of us. I think experiencing Africa is a cultural lesson on its own. I think people have a misconception of what Africa is like. It is a very diverse continent.

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Image courtesy of Danielle Petty, Cruise Planners Franchise Owner

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