The Winning Process That Massively Scaled Two Ecommerce Shops

The Winning Process That Massively Scaled Two Ecommerce Shops

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In the last video I talked about a “winning process” that allowed two ecommerce businesses to massively scale in a very limited time, all without a huge additional workload for the shop owners.

So What Is The Proven Process?

The reason that these E-commerce owners and marketers were able to turn their slumping stores into profitable powerhouses is because of a proven process called the Ecommerce Tree of Life.

This is one of the core concepts to building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable E-commerce store and is the basis of our new Ecommerce Marketing Certification taught by Scott Cunningham, Simon Trafford, and Lauren Petrullo.

This process is made up of 4 Key Pillars to success:

Pillar 1: The Roots – establishing the foundational elements so your store can truly take root by determining the right offer to the right market with the right positioning

Pillar 2: The Base – This is your online store, which requires incredibly strong foundations to support your business.

Pillar 3: The Trunk – This is your first traffic source that predictably leads to sales.

Pillar 4: The Branches – Once you have at least one sustainable branch to your business you can begin to build out additional acquisition arms ( or funnels) of your business. To go full bloom, you also don’t need to depend solely on paid advertising channels.

Your tree could include things such as pop-up shops, wholesaling, affiliate and influencer channels, and other profit centers for your business.

The leaves are your profits when this tree grows in harmony.

So, how do you build your own ecommerce tree of life? You get certified!

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