What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs – Part 8

At the end of nearly every episode of The Side Hustle Show, I ask my guests for their “#1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.”

There’s always a great variety of responses, and I wanted to take some time today to go through some of my favorites from the past 50-ish interviews.

This has become an annual tradition on the show, which is now almost 8.5 years old and recently passed 17 million lifetime downloads.

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Just the Tips

399 – Nate and Alysha Jackson – “Take 100% responsibility.”

401 – Kate Erickson – “Ask yourself your biggest priority every day.”

402 – Michael Essek – “Think long-term.”

403 – Jenn Fei – “Bring passion to your project.”

404 – Daniel Throssell – “Your personality is like a cowbell, you need to add more.”

405 – Rich Jones – “Do what works for you.”

406 – Stacy Gallego – “Anything worth doing is worth doing … poorly. We’re never good at anything we try at the beginning.”

407 – Erica Krupin – “Keep your business debt free!”

409 – Matt Rowell – “Don’t quit in the dip, keep going.”

410 – Alex Goldberg and Healy Jones

Alex: “Figure out the first model, then the challenge becomes thinking outside of the box.” 

Healy: “If you’re showing any glimmer of greatness, you just got to go 100% for it.”

411 – Nate Dodson – “Think of how you can create a new category/opportunity.”

413 – Jon Corres – “All it takes is one video. Keep posting quality content.”

414 – Don Wettrick – “Start serving your smallest target market.”

415 – Josh Belk – “Consistency always wins.”

416 – Shane Sams – “Build recurring revenue.”

417 – Austin L. Church – “Pay attention to what wants to happen.”

419 – Codie Sanchez – “The $1 challenge: Earn your first $1 on the Internet. Create something once you can sell over and over again.”

421 – Katie Emery – “Don’t feel defeated before you even start.”

422 – Ericka Williams – “Look around. Everything that works to service people, there’s an opportunity for you to get in there and help or get in there and make a profit.”

423 – Luke Emery – “Take action on your ideas as quickly as possible.”

424 – Peter Askew – “Start with a good domain name.”

427 – Brian Johnson – “What do you KNOW you need to do?

428 – Steve Nadramia – “Talk to every single customer.”

429 – Carey Adam – “Keep it simple.”

430 – Tyler Gillespie – “You can’t read the label while you’re inside the jar.”

432 – Tami Smith – “Don’t give up!”

433 – Jordan Berry – “When you work with the best, they help you become the best.”

434 – Monisha Misra – “Surround yourself with like-minded people.”

436 – John Lee Dumas – “Become the best solution to a real problem.”

437 – Mark Levine – “You have to love it!”

438 – Anthony and Jhanilka Hartzog

Anthony: “Keep going.”

Jhanilka: “Pick something flexible.”

439 – Kate Ahl – “Keep your blinders on and focus on your business.”

440 – Rachel Hernandez – “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

441 – Brad Rice – “Take a bet on yourself.”

442 – Jade Weatherington – “Be consistent and don’t give up.”

447 – Brian McGovern – “Make people happy, and you can’t go wrong.”

448 – Luke Van Der Veer – “Go for it!”

449 – Rachel Jones – “Go where the demand is.”

450 – Matt Ralph – “Get advice from people who know what they’re doing.”

454 – Mushfiq S. – “Build your own site first.”

457 – Dickie Bush – “Get started before you’re ready.”

458 – Chris Misterek – “Figure out how to create systems and workflows that make it easier to scale.”

459 – Chris Grant – “Focus on one step of the ladder at a time.”

460 – Tori Dunlap – “Serve before you sell.”

461 – Chantal Lavergne – “Look at other pages in your niche and draw inspiration.”

462 – Delilah Orpi – “Invest in education from the beginning.”

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