10 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Blog [Today]

With the blog set up, most users look for ways to monetize the blog to at least pay for the site and keep it running. There are multiple different ways but in this video, we will show you 10 simple methods you can use to start making money with your WordPress blog.

Display ads – For this, one of the best starting points would be to take a look into Google Adsense or other ad providers as your site grows in popularity.

Affiliate Marketing – Take a look at some of your favorite products that you would write about for your site and see if they have an affiliate program to pay you for promoting their product or service.

Membership website – Creating a membership website allows you to share your content to your audience behind a paywall and add other incentivizing features for your visitors.

Directory site – List different businesses you would recommend to your users and you can use affiliate marketing or membership with this to gain revenue from this style of site.

Sell an ebook – Take the information you know in a specific subject and gather it together in an ebook to sell to users to help expand their knowledge in that subject.

Become a Coach – There are likely people who want one on one training with a specific subject that you’re knowledgeable about and you can sell one on one training through your website to help them learn.

Sell online courses – This is similar to a membership site but would require more community interaction for answering questions that your community asks about your tutorials.

Sell Products – Set up ecommerce tools on your sites such as WooCommerce or a dropshipping solution so you can sell your products directly to your visitors or look into dropshipping.

Offer freelance services – Offer your services that you use in one profession or similar and have users pay for you to do this service for them.

Work on WordPress – You’ve set up your site on WordPress including articles, a store or similar. You can sell your knowledge to help someone get their WordPress site up and running.

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