15 Ultimate Tools to Help Small Businesses with Remote Work

15 Ultimate Tools to Help Small Businesses with Remote Work

Are you looking for tools to help your team go remote? We've had many users ask us what our recommended tools are when they're just starting out and there are a lot of tools available depending on what you're wanting to do. In this video, we'll share 15 awesome tools to help your small business start working remotely.

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Our number 1 tool is, of course, WordPress itself, it is currently the most popular tool to help users create their website online and we cover many different ways to create a website with WordPress. Our top recommended themes are Divi or Astra.

Nextiva is a great way of getting a phone system for your company with virtual or other phone systems. For a backup, you can get RingCentral.

For internal communication and messaging we both use and recommend Slack, it allows you to group and converse with your team, and the free version limits to 10,000 messages which is a good start for a small company. For an alternative, you may also want to take a look at Microsoft Teams.

If you need to have a face-to-face with your team or customers then you would want to take a look at Zoom. You are allowed 40 minutes for free in meetings for just starting. An alternative if you are looking for one would be Nextiva.

To keep in touch with your customers we don't recommend CCing them on emails for your newsletters as that isn't the best for deliverability. You would want to use a service such as Constant Contact to schedule, customize, and personalize all of the emails you send to your users.

For collecting the contact information or receiving requests from new users you would want to take a look at WPForms the most beginner-friendly form solution out there, for more advanced forms you would want to take a look at Formidable Forms.

If you want to start a membership site then you would want to take a look at MemberPress to allow you to have multiple different membership levels and a way to display it. For an eLearning site, you would want to take a look at the LearnDash plugin for an alternative.

When scheduling there can be issues finding a time that both works for you and your customers and in this case we will recommend Calendly so you can send them your available time and schedule out what in your available time would be best. As with the other recommendations, an alternative you can use would be StartBooking, or for services, you could use BirchPress.

With your team collaboratively contacting your users you need a way to have your team all send out emails we use and recommend HelpScout. It has helpful tools like traffic cop to prevent the same email from being sent to the same person.

Live chat is another tool for getting in touch with your users and LiveChat Inc is who we recommend at or for an alternative you can take a look at Nextiva or chatbot.com.

Time Doctor is a great tool we recommend for helping you and your employees keep track of time and noticing when you are going off normal time or the allotted time for a specific task.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool to share files between teammates and an alternative would be Dropbox.

Asana is a great tool for creating tasks for your different team members and having them scheduled out or having different subtasks assigned to different team members. Trello and Basecamp are alternatives if you don't want to use Asana.

You can look into the Hero Themes Heroic Knowledge Base plugin to create a company hub to collect all of your information for your team to live on one location. Our recommended alternative is SharePoint teams.

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