4 Easy Ways to Re Order Blog Posts in WordPress

Do you want to change the order of your blog posts in WordPress? By default, WordPress shows posts in reverse chronological order where newer posts are shown first but you may need to move specific posts into a different order. Most tutorials we only show you one method on how to resolve this problem but in this one, we will give a few options. In this video, we will show you four different ways to reorder your blog posts in WordPress.

The first method we will be using is by editing the date of the article. To do this, we will go into our posts area, find the old posts and click edit. In the document’s settings, you will want to click on the published date to bring up the editor where you can modify the date it was published to a newer date based on where you would like it visible.

Should you want to keep the post above your others without changing the date, you can click the checkbox in the Status & Visibility section to stick the post to the top of your blog section. If for some reason the post is not showing before others you would want to ensure your theme does not have specific styling for their sticky posts.

If you don’t want to use either of those methods then you could take a look at the plugin called “Post Types Order” that you can find here:

Post Types Order

With the plugin activated you can visit Settings, Post Types order to modify the access to the plugin if you are on a multi-author site. When you visit the posts area you should be able to click and drag a post in your admin area and place it higher or lower than another.

For the final method, we will be using code and if you are not comfortable using code we would not recommend it. You can find the code for this guide by visiting our article here:

The code we add modifies the order to be chronological, meaning the oldest post will be listed first on your blog page. Should you want to change the order to something other than what we list you can see the parameter options here:


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