4 Email Campaigns to Boost Conversions | Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau

4 Email Campaigns to Boost Conversions | Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau

This week, Justin Rondeau, General Manager for DigitalMarketer, goes over 4 email campaigns that ANY company can add to their email promotions that can boost opens, clicks, and sales.


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Here are the 4 email campaigns any company can add to their promotions that will boost email opens, clicks and sales.

Email Campaign #1: The Goodwill Campaign

By using bling and direct subject lines, and filling your email with benefit, content, and most importantly, VALUE, you are going to get better results. Just make sure that what you are offering in this email campaign is free (or ideally ungated).

Email Campaign #2: News Jacker Campaign

The news jacker campaign helps you make your product or service new and relevant by relating it to what is going on in the news.

This is a great campaign to run midway through a promotion to re engage prospects who don’t see the relevance yet.

Email Campaign #3: Gain, Logic, Fear Campaign

This is one of the most effective campaigns you can run to your list. If you want to make the cash register ring, you want to run this email campaign.

First you focus on the benefits. Then you emphasize the logical reasons why they should take the offer. And finally, you bring in the fear, usually the scarcity element.

Email Campaign #4: Need Help Campaign

This is a great campaign for selling higher-ticket items like coaching or done-for-you services. By offering help to a specific segment of your audience (ones with a specific problem in the right stage of the Customer Journey), you are able to offer help when it is most needed.


Justin Rondeau is the General Manager at DigitalMarketer and has been doing this whole “Marketing” thing since 2010, when he was mildly […okay maybe more than mildly] obsessed with all things, data, email, optimization, and split testing.

He’s trained thousands of marketers, spoken on hundreds of stages, runs a delightful team of marketers & product creators, has dozens of shirts louder than his voice, and loves one hockey team: the Boston Bruins.

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