8 Reasons to Convert Your Blog to

The quickest way to start a free blog is to sign up with This is a great starting point but it does have limitations as your blog grows. In this video, we will show you 8 reasons to convert your blog to

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Reason 1: If you need your site do do something custom you are unable to add plugins on but you are able to on

Reason 2: has a limited number of themes to choose from while has no limit and you can even create your own.

Reason 3: On you do not have control over what ads appear on your site and you have limited revenue methods without needing to purchase upgrades.

Reason 4: You can brand your site with your own domain and email rather than or adding a domain name for $13 without email.

Reason 5: You are limited with how you can sell on your site and you need to pay $299 to get the business plan. This business plan only has shopify or ewcid for the platforms while your has no choice limit.

Reason 6: With as your site grows you would need to go into the vip program which can be expensive while on you have multiple choices for hosting to choose from.

Reason 7: If your site is your business then you will want complete control over it to sell or even gather investors. This is less likely if your site is on someone else’s control.

Reason 8: If you want special code for your site, on you can only customize the css or theme while on self hosted you have full control over what you can change.

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