Fear of Selling, Protecting Ideas, Podcasting and More: 20 Questions

It’s time to dive into the ol’ listener mailbag and answer a few questions in this week’s edition of The Side Hustle Show.

I’ve had quite a few interesting questions come in since the last Q&A episode, and picked 20 to talk through in today’s show.

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A common piece of advice you’ll hear is to take audience questions and turn them into content, so here’s a meta example of that in action.

This episode covers overcoming the fear of selling, combatting shiny object syndrome, passive income motivation, podcasting, protecting your ideas, and more.


The Questions

  1. How do you get over the fear of asking someone to buy your service or product? (1:42)
  2. Should I gain a skill to start a side hustle or just jump on some ones that have little barrier to entry? (3:45)
  3. How do you combat shiny object syndrome? (5:14)
  4. Do you have to have an established site to qualify for affiliate programs? (6:52)
  5. I’m thinking of expanding the focus of my website. Should I rebrand? (7:59)
  6. Are there tasks too small for virtual assistants? (9:32)
  7. What are your thoughts about leaving a side hustle as a “hustle” instead of a business? (10:08)
  8. Can you send it to me in French? (10:58)
  9. What low startup cost businesses can a 14 year old do? (12:07)
  10. Is there a service you would recommend for monetizing newsletters through sponsorships? (13:55)
  11. What are the top three things you would do to monetize a (new) podcast? (17:21)
  12. What’s the hardest part about hosting a podcast? (18:59)
  13. How do block days work if there’s a conflict between your schedule and someone you’re trying to meet with? (20:17)
  14. What’s your take on the best length of time for a podcast? (21:26)
  15. How do I transition from my full-time career to my side hustle? (22:44)
  16. I have a idea that if shared with anyone or investors could be easily stolen. How do I protect it? (25:04)
  17. I just made my first $5 in passive income! How can I keep this newfound motivation alive? (27:51)
  18. I’m finding it difficult to grow my Facebook page. Any ideas or advice? (29:29)
  19. How would you go about getting your first freelance clients? (30:37)
  20. What makes a good KPI? (33:02)

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