How to Create a Photo Contest in WordPress Step by Step

How to Create a Photo Contest in WordPress Step by Step

Are you looking to run a photo contest on your WordPress site? Photo contests require users to submit a photo for a chance to join the contest or giveaway and active participation makes them very engaging for your users. In this video, we'll show you, step by step, how to easily create a photo contest in WordPress.

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For this specfic tutorial we will be using the Pro plan of RafflePress which can be purchased above. Once you install, activate, and add your licence key to the plugin we can start setting up the giveaway for your site.

Start with going under RafflePress, Add New and name the giveaway whatever you would like it to be. RafflePress has a list of pre-built templates templates to start you off with the required fields and for this tutorial we are using the Classic Template.

If you click on the Insert Your Prize Image you will be able to set the prize, name it, add a description and include an image. You can modify that depending on your specific preferences. We also recommend setting the date range the giveaway will be active, for most giveaways one week is a good range for your users to interact with your giveaway.

As we are using the pro version, we will be addint the Submit an Image option and setting it as manditory, you can even change the value of how many submissions it is worth or even allow daily entries. The plugin even includes entry options such as visiting your Facebook or other social channels.

With your entry types added you can go to the Design secton to customize the layout of the giveaway information including the background color, fonts, and button colors. Should you be comfortable with CSS the plugin also has the option to add CSS in the design section.

With all of that set up, in the general settings you can set up what you need from the admin side. This includes setting the giveaway name, using the rules generator to set up the rules for you, setting the permalink you want to have for the giveaway and more.

To prevent spam we normally recommend enabling email verification. Now when you publish the giveaway you have the option to add it with a WordPress block, shortcode, or have RafflePress create a page for you using the permalink you gave in the settings area. Finally when you've received your entries and the giveaway has ended you can have the plugin select however many winners you want for the giveaway and the plugin will do the selection for you.

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  1. SGZ Gamer on February 11, 2020 at 4:13 am

    thanks for creating this vedio

  2. PrimephotoStudio on February 11, 2020 at 5:49 am

    Great video, very helpful, thank you for sharing with us.

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