How To Do Keyword Research for Your Website and SEO

In this guide, we will teach you how to do keyword research. By keywords, we mean the words that people use to try to find your content when using Google or another search engine. If you’re looking to improve your site’s rankings, follow this keyword research guide.

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To start, there are four main keyword intents to take into account.

Navigational are for brand names that are well known such as Netflix or Facebook you will search for those names and unless you are a large brand you won’t have to think about that.

Transactional keywords are for when people want to purchase something such as a model number when you want to find a specific product and go to a page to purchase it.

Informational keywords are for helping users answer or fix a problem and this is a majority of keywords which can help people get to your site and use your solution.

Investigational is for finding products or services that would be the tools for what they’re wanting. These keywords tend to have a modifier such as best or review as that helps them decide what fills their needs.

Start by brainstorming what you want to write about, you know what you’re writing about best and you’ve likely forgotten the basics that people may ask. That is why keyword research is important.

The first method we’re using is an extension called keywords everywhere:

This will add an identifier of the volume of searches and related keywords when you search for something on Google. This will help you find what users are looking for and it gives you the option to export the content and group it for future articles.

Second, we recommend answer the public:

This will bring in related keywords and questions when you search for a specific keyword. It will list the entire questions and help you sort through different related searches and questions.

Third, we recommend the paid tools SEMRush:

and Ahrefs:

Both of these are paid but have a free trial or refund option. When you enter your seed keyword and search it will bring more specific and sortable information about the keyword that the free alternatives do not offer.

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