How to “Easily” Add Anchor Links in WordPress Step by Step

If you’ve seen sites that have links in their longer articles to help users jump to the section they want to read then you know how helpful those can be. These can help with SEO as Google can show them below your search listings for easy navigation. In this video, we will explain what anchor links and show you how to easily add them in WordPress.

If you would like to see our written tutorial for this, you can find it here:

For the first method, is for sites using Gutenberg. Start by creating the first link by adding the text, highlighting it, and adding a pound sign (#) followed by the text want to add to it. For where you want the link to jump to you would want to select the header and in the advanced area add the text from the first link.

Should the block tell you it contains unexpected or invalid content you would want to click the Convert to HTML button for the anchor link to work. If the advanced area does not give you the option you would want to use the verticle dots for more options and edit as HTML. In the p area, you will want to add an id =”” with the text you want to link to within the quotation marks.

For those using the classic editor, you will want to click the text tab, go to the tag for the section you want the link to and add the ID the same way you would have in the previous section. Should you not want to do either of those methods and want WordPress to do the work for you, you can automatically add the anchor links using the Easy Table of Contents plugin found here:

Easy Table of Contents

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Feel free to take a look at the written version of this tutorial here:

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