How to Track WordPress Category and Tag Analytics (Easy Way)

How to Track WordPress Category and Tag Analytics (Easy Way)

Do you want to track WordPress category and tag analytics on your site? By default, most website analytics solutions tell you your most popular posts and pages but don't include specific categories or tags in the analytics. In this video, we will show you how to easily track WordPress category and tag analytics.

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For this, we'll be using the MonsterInsights plugin above to track this information and we will be using the pro level. Once you install, activate, and add your license key to the plugin we will go to Google Analytics and connect your site, for more on this you would want to take a look at our video below:

Connect Your Site to Google Analytics:

In the MonsterInsights, Addons area we will Install the Dimensions addon to give us the controls we're looking for. We will go into Settings and in the custom dimensions section, we will select what we want to track. Now in Google Analytics under Admin, Custom Definitions, Custom Dimensions we will add a new dimension, tell Google what it is looking for and ensure it is active. Go back into your MonsterInsights settings to make sure your IDs in the plugin match those in Google Analytics to ensure proper

With this improved tracking, you may want to improve your category and tag pages, to help you do this, we recommend the plugin Advanced Excerpt found here:

You can set up the plugin's specific settings under Settings, Excerpt including the length, what to end the excerpt with, and a few other settings. If you go under Posts, Categories, and click edit beneath any of your categories it should give you the option to add a description on the page to help your visitors and search engines know what to expect from that category's page.

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