Why a Good Ventilation System is an Important Consideration When Re-Opening Your Business

If you have decided to reopen your business after the lockdown and ask your employees to come back to work, making sure that they are able to stay safe and healthy while working should be a top priority. But along with making it easy for employees and customers to social distance, providing face coverings, gloves and setting up hand-washing stations and sanitising materials, it’s also important to consider how the ventilation in your store or office space could be impacting your employees’ health at this time.

Here are some reasons to consider upgrading your business’ ventilation system before reopening.

Clean the Air

While it is believed that COVID-19 isn’t airborne, being indoors all day long around other people isn’t going to be very healthy for your employees. As the air is shared around, the risk of an employee contracting COVID-19 is greater, if another employee or a customer is infected. Because of this, a good ventilation system is a must for cleaning the air and allowing both your customers and employees to breathe easier.

Reduce VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are invisible gases that occur indoors and can have a serious impact on health. They tend…

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